"Tell me about your storm, and I'll coach you through it."

* Steve Berlack - The Inner Vision Navigator

"Broadcast Your Inner Champion - A Journey of Self-Remembrance...And Impact!" is the highly anticipated new book written by motivational speaker and personal development expert Steve Berlack. Using humor and moments of intense introspection, "Broadcast..." aligns each chapter with the workshop themes of The Berlack Method, Steve's innovative, provocative and solution-based workshop series.

Within the pages of this book, two fundamental yet surprisingly complex questions will launch your holistic journey of self-remembrance: "Who are you?" and "To whom do you belong?" People the world over have wrestled with these questions, and stopped right there. "Broadcast..." will push you beyond introspection and self-development to the real point of the aforementioned questions: spiritual and cultural connection that allows you to positively impact those you hold dear; family, friends, co-workers and community.

Find out how you can begin your journey to satisfying relationships and a fulfilling career. Find out how you can be the leader that brings your staff, your family and/or your community to greater happiness and productivity. Find out how you can broadcast your inner champion.

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