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Steve is an exceptional speaker, both insightful and inspiring! He is superbly able to motivate people to reach their highest potential for success in life.

- Dr. Renee Carr

Steve Berlack is the rare speaker that is informative, entertaining, and able to stir his audience to action. It is no surprise that BET, Disney and KingWorld have all used him.

- Jay Sparks

In my 30+ years of being acquainted with Steve, I'm still amazed at his ability to capture people with both genuine passion and exceptional communication skills in a way that is disarming and uplifting. Truly gifted.

- Madonna Green Parker

Unbelievable!! After working with Mr. Berlack, I am able to excel in avenues that before left me stagnant and miserable. The simplicity of the course, being helped with discovering myself, and the diligence of this life coach makes it all worth it. I would highly recommend to anyone needing help or wanting to advance. I definitely will reconnect with this life coach in the future.

- Joshua Pitts

My experience working with Steve using his Broadcast Your Inner Champion system brought about a level of self awareness I have never felt before. The process of self discovery brought about so much confidence and it also promotes the empowerment of encouraging others. I am no longer sorry for being who I am! Thanks Steve!

- Eugena Holman

I'm glad to have chosen Steve to be my life coach. He made me feel very comfortable. He also asked a lot of questions so that he could get a better understanding of me to guide me in the right direction . He knew exactly what my strengths and weaknesses were and helped me get over the struggles I'd been dealing with for years. I would recommend him to anyone who's in need of change and structure. He's definitely the man who will help you Broadcast Your Inner Champion.

- Stacy Wilson

Steve has been a phenomenal guest on my Talk Show! His insight, wisdom, convictions, and passion for his message is undeniable. He without question, will continue to be a "Go-To" guest on my show and I highly recommend him if you are seeking some clarity on navigating through some challenging moments in your life.

- Diana Joseph

I have known Steve since 1980, and the roots of what you see as Broadcasting Your Inner Champion began with us as young men. Many shared experiences and dreams helped us grow to manhood, but our quest for truth didn't end there. Steve has captured the wisdom that it takes to seek out and sustain the best YOU that you can possibly be. Broadcast Your Inner Champion is a life-changing system of reflection and expression for all who will receive it. Steve is a savvy coach, and he simplifies concepts so they can be easily applied. His personal journey will impact and direct anyone who is willing to learn. I am honored to recommend my friend and BYIC to you.

- Willie Nabors

I really enjoyed using the broadcast your inner champion system because I had to ask myself questions that held me accountable in my life and helped set me on a path to find who I am and set myself up for success. I chose a 5 star rating because Mr. Berlack treated me like family and provided an environment for me to ask questions and really get to know who I am better and he gave me great resources that I can use for the rest of my life.

- Carter Thompson

I have been impressed with Steve and his approach to life, mentoring, and coaching before he knew he was a coach (30+ years ago). Watching my son enter his Senior year in college, I knew he was struggling to come into his own and as a father, I knew he needed more than I could offer at the time - he needed a different approach, a different perspective. Simply put, he needed what I learned from Steve 30 years ago, so, of course, I leveraged Steve's innate passion and ability to connect with people. Don't take my word for it - spend 5 minutes talking to Steve and you'll know the passion is real. Thanks Steve! My son is a better man today with a new lease on life.

- Kevin Thompson

Steve is an ongoing guest on my talk show and brings a lot of deep insight to the topics. He will always be a "go-to" as a source of wisdom and knowledge! Great guy!

- Diana Vega

Amazing coach who cared about my success more than I did. I would give 6 stars if possible!!!

- Brett Ebersole