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Meet Steve 

Author, Consultant, Motivational Speaker

After Steve Berlack facilitated a workshop on attitude and it's impact on success, a client asked him: "What else do you talk about?"

Thus began the journey that launched The Berlack Method Workshop Series. Along the way, Steve earned a B.A. in History and a Master's in Education. He studied Andean and Afro-Peruvian history and culture as a Fulbright Scholar in Peru. He studied the history and organization of the United Nations as a Malik Shabazz Human Rights Institute Scholar in Switzerland.


He served in the U.S. Army as did his father and grandfather before him. His career led him from Executive Director of a nationally-renowned job training program to educator and administrator in a major public school system. After being discovered by a producer in Hollywood, Steve was signed by both KingWorld and Disney as a t.v. talk show host, and hosted nationally televised BET Tonight. 

On a personal level, the client question that started it all led Steve to explore his family roots that spread across the U.S., Puerto Rico, Germany and France, and that laid across Baptist, Catholic and Jewish traditions. 

Weaving all of these experiences and traditions together, Steve came up with two questions of his own. These questions have led Steve's individual and corporate clients to remember their purpose and achieve their goals. 


What are the questions Steve discovered that are so fundamental yet so difficult to answer? The same questions that Steve will use to guide you and/or your business to success:"Who are you?" and "To whom do you belong?"

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Remember your purpose through awareness and connection. Achieve your goals through impact on others.

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“Steve is an exceptional speaker, both insightful and inspiring! He is superbly able to motivate both adults and children to reach their highest potential for success in life.”

Renee Carr, Psy.D., M.B.A.

Political & Corporate Advisor

The Carr Advisory Group

"Steve Berlack is the rare speaker that is informative, entertaining, and able to stir his audience to action. It is no surprise that BET, Disney and KingWorld have all used him."

Jay Sparks


Elliot Asset Management

"In my 30+ years of being acquainted with Steve, I'm still amazed at his ability to capture people with both genuine passion and exceptional communication skills in a way that is disarming and uplifting. Truly gifted."

Madonna Green Parker

Owner & Lead Designer

Marvelous Creations by Madonna

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