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Staff Training & Development
Staff Training & Development

BYIC Coaching System at work.

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On a Podcast
On a Podcast

I always give content to help others.

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Keynote Address
Keynote Address

This was at an awards banquet in Baltimore, MD.

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Staff Training & Development
Staff Training & Development

BYIC Coaching System at work.

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Steve Berlack

The Inner Vision Navigator

From homeless and broke, Steve unlocked a life coaching system that now helps his clients overcome their most difficult challenges.


Going from Host of BET Tonight and his own Disney talk show pilot to living in a shelter with roaches falling from the ceiling,  life could have felt over and done, as bad turned to worse, and purpose turned to pain.


What brought Steve back? And what can you expect to gain from his story of rags to riches to rags and back again?


Conquer your challenges. Achieve your goals. Experience mind-blowing transformations in your thinking and outlook. 


Truly experience the life with purpose that you were meant to live. 


Steve springs his clients forward on their journey to success with two important questions:


"Who are you?" and "To whom do you belong?"


Find out how Steve breaks down the secret answers to these simple questions that cause life-changing breakthroughs for his clients.


We're all facing challenges alone, when we could be conquering them together. Let's leap the hurdles you face in a powerful and unique way.


Steve Berlack - The Inner Vision Navigator, is creator of the Broadcast Your Inner Champion Coaching System. 


Through his coaching, Steve sets his clients on the path to:

*    Improve their mental and emotional well-being

*    Improve their quality of life

*    Overcome negative thinking

*    Gain structure and order

*    Achieve specific, measurable goals


Steve is an author and thought leader who hosted BET Tonight, a round-table discussion with personalities in entertainment and politics. 


Steve has been featured on 60 Minutes, BET Tonight, Huffington Post, Ebony Man Magazine, City Journal, and many other media outlets, and hosted his own Disney-produced talk show pilot, The Berlack Project.

Steve is a Fulbright Scholar with a Master's in Education from Morgan State University and a B.A. in History from The City College of New York. 


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"Steve Berlack is the rare speaker that is informative, entertaining, and able to stir his audience to action. It is no surprise that BET, Disney and KingWorld have all used him."

- Jay Sparks

Principal, Elliot Management

Renee Testimonial Pic_edited.jpg

“Steve is an exceptional speaker, both insightful and inspiring! He is superbly able to motivate people to reach their highest potential for success in life.”

- Dr. Renee Carr, PsyD, M.B.A.

Political & Corporate Advisor

The Carr Advisory Group

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"I have been impressed with Steve and his approach to life, mentoring, and coaching before he knew he was a coach (30+ years ago). Watching my son enter his Senior year in college, I knew he was struggling to come into his own and as a father, I knew he needed more than I could offer at the time - he needed a different approach, a different perspective.


Simply put, he needed what I learned from Steve 30 years ago, so, of course, I leveraged Steve's innate passion and ability to connect with people. Don't take my word for it - spend 5 minutes talking to Steve and you'll know the passion is real. Thanks Steve! My son is a better man today with a new lease on life."

- Kevin Thompson

Senior Requirements Portfolio Manager

Joint Special Operations Command

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I hire you?

I tell all potential clients: "Tell me about your storm, and I'll coach you through it." I tell them that because I've realized that  clients don't care as much about my credentials and degrees than they do about the fact that I've been through some rough storms in my life, including homelessness and people close to me that not only didn't support me, but actively hurt me as I fought to live the life I wanted.

I've hosted nationally televised shows and I've been a Fulbright Scholar in Peru, but in the end, people want to work with me because they know that when they share with me their deep, dark secrets that keep them from living the lives they dream of, I can relate to them in a real way and coach them through it. I can get people to broadcast their inner champions because I'm a living example of what it means to do that.

The Steve Berlack YouTube Channel

Steve on Twitter - @sberlack

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"I help people with their careers, relationships, developing positive habits and achieving goals."

* Steve Berlack - The Inner Vision Navigator

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"I help people with their careers, relationships, developing positive habits and achieving goals."

* Steve Berlack - The Inner Vision Navigator

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