• Steve Berlack

What Happens When We Die?

What happens when we die? This is a question that man has asked from

the beginning of time. The fact is, of course, that there is nothing we can

prove about the afterlife. However, one need only peruse the internet,

watch television, or know of someone who has had a near-death experience

to get anecdotal evidence that there is life after death. As I think back upon

the many stories I’ve heard about near-death experiences, several things

stand out to me.

First and foremost, irrespective of a person’s race, gender, culture, language,

geographic location or religion, near-death experiences are almost all the

same. They almost all contain clear, specific elements: a tunnel or funnel

with a light at the end; a light or colors that we do not experience here; a

connection to those who have died before us; a feeling of peace and/or of

being “home,” and an overwhelming sense that love surrounds us and is

our foundation.

As I reflect on this, I find it difficult to explain how I feel. As I’ve previously

mentioned, I started Th e Berlack Method out of a sense of purpose and

mission, and I’m writing Broadcast Your Inner Champion as a reflection

of that mission. Whenever I’m asked to describe what this book is about,

three words pop into my head, as if they were placed there. Th e words

I use to describe Broadcast Your Inner Champion are: introspection,

connection, impact. I think about the stories I’ve heard about the afterlife

and near-death experiences, and I realize that they confirm the messages

I’ve received in my dreams. Th is book has the purpose to deliver the same

message that those who’ve nearly died have received: we were who we were

before the traumas of this life touched us. Th e stories confirm for me that

our journey will bring us home as we remember who we truly are, spirits

of love and light connected in ways we don’t understand. They confirm for

me that no matter what we call God in this lifetime, and even if we don’t

call Him at all, He is there with us as we journey home to ourselves, and

we experience Him as Peace and Love.

The stories I’ve heard in which people see their deceased loved ones when

they “cross over” remind me that we are connected to everyone, past,

present and future, and that we only perceive our experiences as linear

and time-bound here on Earth. I’m reminded that our connection to one

another is rooted in Love and Peace, and it makes me feel embarrassed

that I’ve ever wasted time arguing about politics, race, religion, who’s right

or wrong, etc. In the end, when we’re all together again and feel ourselves

connected to our source of Love, I have the sense that we’ll all share a good

laugh at what we didn’t know as earthly beings. And we’ll laugh again at

how right we thought we were.

So what happens when we die? I have not had a near-death experience. I

cannot tell you that I saw what’s on the other side. But as I sit here typing

this, I can tell you without a doubt that I can feel what happens when we

cross over. I’m convinced that we do not spend this life discovering our

identities, but we spend our lives remembering. I’m convinced that when

we fully remember, we cross over and go home.

I suppose, however, that until that question is answered, the real question

is: what happens when we live? Do we have to have a near-death experience

to remember who we are? Do we have to see our old loved ones to know

that we’re connected? Do we have to travel a tunnel of light and come back

to Earth to know that our connection brings responsibility? I say no. I pray

that if this book does anything for you, dear reader, it brings you to the

three words that echo in my mind: introspection, connection, impact. I

pray that it inspires you in much the same way that near-death experiences

have inspired those who’ve lived them.

Remember who you are. Know that you are connected to all and rooted

in Peace and Love. Live your life as if you know what happens when you

die, and that what happens is fantastic in a way that words can’t describe.

And before you go home again, take that Peace and Love inside you and

give it to all around you. Even if you disagree about their politics, their

views on sex or if they profess a different religion. Even if they don’t look

like you. Even if they call God by another name. Even if you say you loathe

them. Give it, and give it abundantly. Because your Peace and Love will

be replenished when you come back home. Prayerfully, I’ll see you there,

and take my fill of the same.

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