• Steve Berlack

The Better Angels

I’ve just recently come to understand that we are all in pain. In some form

or another. In some degree or another.

Some of us wear our pain on our sleeves for all to see. Shouting our pain

to the hilltops. Uncaring who knows it...who sees it...or who recoils from

it. We try to rant our pain away. Push our pain away. We stare people in

the eye and tell them if they make one false step, we’re gonna.... And little

do others know that what we’re really saying is: “HELP ME!!”

Some of us absorb our pain. Internalize our pain. Quiet our pain away....

We hold our pain inside, scared for anyone to see it. We hold it in so well

that our bodies shake from the exertion of our efforts. The pain creeps out

onto our faces, unbeknownst to us. Our eyes catch those of others around

us, and without speaking, we plead: “HELP ME!!”

I’m here to tell you that Angels of Pain are all around us. Whether they’re

shouting to the rooftops or silently pleading with us, they’re near. They

are our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, friends, and yes...

our enemies.

So the next time someone is in your face and passing that pain to you, be

The Better Angel. Remember what they’re really saying, and give them

a warm, heartfelt smile. Let them know you’re listening, that what they

say matters, and watch what happens to that pain. Instead of jumping

into their pit of pain, pull them up to your ledge of light. It may not be

comfortable for you. You may not like the feeling. But who said it’s about

you? Who knows? You might just save a life....

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