• Steve Berlack

How To Make Change

On one of my social network pages, a friend asked me how to effectively

institute change as an individual or as part of organizations. My first

thought? “What a complicated question!” Many ideas raced through my

mind, and I quickly realized that I would need a moment to organize them

all. I stepped away from the computer and engaged in another activity so

that I could allow my thoughts to marinate and I could thoroughly absorb

the question and appreciate all of its nuances. (I do this often when I want

to think. It’s amazing how clear your mind can become while walking the

dog, listening to music or cleaning the house).

Here was my response:

1) I think we have to start with the ideas that <name> and <name>

have already posited. We each need to get rid of the ego,

pompousness, jealousy, etc. and really want ALL to shine.

2) ALL who are willing to work to help the community are qualified.

If I’m looking for a brain surgeon to operate on me, then I want to

see degrees, experience, etc. The community is different. To wit:

I’m a Fulbright Scholar with a Master’s Degree, but all the people

in the community I’ve serviced care about is that I’m also born

and raised in the South Bronx to a single parent, and I know what

it’s like to go to bed hungry. I can understand what they’re going


3) We need to all do our research and become AWARE of each other

as organizations.

4) NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. By the way, refer back

to number 2 on this one.

5) We must all be of the same mind that MUCH of our work is

connecting our clients/participants to their past. We spend a lot

of time spinning our wheels when we don’t get our clients to see

WHO THEY ARE, and WHY they’re not only significant in this

world, but CRUCIAL.

6) NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. I don’t have to go back

to number 2, do I?

7) Our networking must include ALL aspects of life and career. We

have to connect organizations to funding to politics to policy.

Which brings me to the last point....

8) Poor communities must take ownership of their own issues and

be willing to SELF-CORRECT! No-one can lead them to the

promised land. Waiting for people in power (read that how you

will) to change policy so that they lose power and give it to those

that don’t already have it is naive at best. That brings us back to

number 5.

To that end, Broadcast Your Inner Champion stands willing and able to network/

connect with each of you here to bring positive change to our families,

our communities, our nation and our world.

Peace and Blessings,

- Steve

That’s my take on making positive and effective change. What’s yours?

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